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Wellness Workshops

A Safe & Comprehensive Program To Balance Your Physical And Emotional Well Being! When We Dance Our Bodies Produce Positive ‘feel-good’ Energising Chemicals And Generates Particularly Strong Emotional Feelings.


In today’s times, it is more important than ever to ensure that we are taking care of our health. If you are working from home, or working long hours at your office desk, you’re probably sitting many more hours than is good for you – and you need to make sure you are getting up and MOVING!


Dance is preferred over other forms of corporate wellness exercise because it is a non-intimidating and fun way of bringing the team together. Our best sellers in this segment being:


Bolly Fitness Classes - Get moving to some of the best Indian music!


Stretch & Condition - Fire your core, open those splits and strengthen the back and legs with this conditioning class, at least


Salsa & Social Dances- Nothing beats better than dancing with a partner


Groove & Sweat - Just the right moves to set your style and cardio quotient right

Did we mention it's LOADS of fun?

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