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Vision & Story

Our Vision


Founded in 2012, Stance Dance Studio is the brainchild of Director & Founder Himani Khurana, along with a fantastic team of dancers who are now a part of the professional company at Stance Dance Studio. The vision has always been to push boundaries in terms of movement and ideas. With their combined vision of creating and enhancing movement possibilities, the director and other emerging, passionate dancers in the company create captivating, reflective works and evoke exuberance. The company loves to work with various age groups involving recreational and professional dancers.


The director’s ground-breaking mix of styles fosters the company to create aesthetically fresh, sharp, and highly coherent works. Most of the choreographic work is rooted in specific techniques, but it also beautifully breaks away from conventional patterns.


Over the years, Stance Dance has remained committed to providing quality dance education and training. We invest deeply in creative and choreographic development. We welcome you to our dance family! We are confident that your journey as a dancer might be demanding here, but it certainly is an excellent step towards achieving your dance goals!

Our Story


Stance Dance Studio is a simple story of building and believing in your dreams. Back in 2006, after working professionally with a dance company, I carried on my dance journey to work as a freelance dance artist and educator. While studying dance and working with my teachers, I also started to choreograph. My collaborations with artists, dancers and students always inspired me to explore more. 


From 2007 to 2010, I gained more experience in contemporary dance at the Toronto School of Dance and Theatre, Canada.  I also studied Ballroom dancing from Ms. Ewa Maria Cherukuru (Pune/Poland) and got certified to teach the same. 
While working as a choreographer for a musical being done with the students of Gargi College at Delhi University, one of the dancers requested me to teach them more technique classes outside the musical rehearsals. And that is what led to the beginning of Stance Dance Studio.

Being a dance practitioner myself, I clearly understand that a dance studio is not a job or business; it is a dream driven with purpose, potential, and persistence. 

Our mission statement has been to carry forward a stable value system and a healthy dance environment.
Stance Studios is a space where dancers of all levels thrive through excellent training and good discipline.
Today,  I feel blessed to have clients from 4-years old kids to professionals, corporate clients, educational institutions, and independent artists across art and performance disciplines- all those who always believed in and appreciated our vision and creation.  
Our story is only complete with our treasured clients, patrons, and associates, and we stand by our promise always to create new exhilarating works of dance and movement for them.


"Who says that our dreams have to stay just our dreams?"


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