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Teaching Staff


Himani Khurana

Artistic Director

She has studied Ballroom and Latin dances and is a Certified Trainer for the same. In 2013, Khurana set out to start her own company Stance Dance Studio (earlier a partnership is now a private limited company, 2020), and since then has been creating work with dancers at her company. She trains dancers at the community and professional levels. Her work influences urban dance techniques and a combination of contemporary dance techniques like Release, Horton, Cunnigham, and the Indian modern art form, Kalaripayattu.


Khurana continues her practice of ballet technique and other groundwork conditioning, as she now remains more occupied with choreography work for the community, youth, and commercial projects. Her work with youth comprises - stage productions and musicals; corporate training sessions and workshops focussing on different aspects of dance-body alignment and workplace ergonomics; corporate events, art & performance design for festivals, and interdisciplinary work for schools and colleges. Khurana works with others in a spirit that fosters creativity and vitality and is devoted to dance art development and artistic viability.

Phone: +91 8527910123



Arvin Kumar


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